The HR 260 is a self erecting, 75 tons drilling rig particularly suitable for drilling great diameters using the kelly bar system and with casing tubes directly with the rotary. The HR 260 is able to perform the following applications:

  • Drilling large diameters and great depths with augers or buckets
  • Execution of direct rotary drilling with casings and casing oscillator
  • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) & Diaphragm Walling
  • Execution of Double Head drilling
  • Driven piles with hydraulic hammers
  • The HR 260 is avaible in the following two versions:
    HR 260 CP – the standard version is equipped with a Pull-down Cylinder which exerts it’s force on the rotary and it is principally utilized for drilling large diameter bore holes. The rotary is able to work with a stroke of 6.100 mm (20 ft) approx. The HR 260 CP uses a parallelogram system of articulation guaranteeing a notable range or motion up to 1.000 mm (3.3 ft).
    HR 260 THD – avaible upon request, the THD system moves the rotary by utilizing a crowd winch, allowing the rotary to be used along a larger stroke of the mast, 10 m (33 ft) approx.
    The THD version is particularly useful for driving and extracting casing tubes directly by the rotary and, without a doubt, increasing your daily productivity.

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