Technical Specs

Works with Augers & Buckets:
Max diameter400 / 900 mm15 / 36 in
Depths18 - 22 m59 - 72 ft
Mounted on KOMATSU PC 75 excavator base
Nominal torque35 KNm25,800 lbsft
Max nominal pulldown30 KN6,750 lbs
Max nominal pullback40 KN9,000 lbs
Unloading speed84 rpm
Rotary stroke950 mm3.11 ft
Main winch nominal pullback36 KN8,100 lbs
Auxiliary winch nominal pullback10 KN2,250 lbs
Diesel Engine:KOMATSU 4D98E-2XFB
Power50 KW 2.300 rpm67 HP @ 2,300 rpm
Hydraulic installation2 pumps
Hydraulic oil tank70 litres18.48 gal
Fuel tank100 litres26.4 gal
Lenght2.875 mm9.5 ft
Width2.050 mm6.7 ft
Shoes450 mm1.5 ft
Approx. Weight:11,2 tons24,685 lbs

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